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About Us

Large-scale general store specielizing in
handicrafts with an eye to the world

For about half a century since 1955, Yuzawaya has been asking ourselves how we can satisfy our customers. Since born as a small shop specializing in "hand knitting yarns" in Kamata, Tokyo, we have gradually broadened our outlook to "hobby crafts" and expanded our lines of business based on "handicrafts".
As our efforts were rewarded, we have grown to receive the reputation that what Yuzawaya doesn't have cannot be found at anywhere else. Also, the number of stores has amounted to 34. Each of these stores is regarded as the best shop of this field in the each area.
To be able to provide "handicrafts" materials in better quality and more reasonably, we visit all over the world to find merchandise we want to introduce to our customers.
And as an opportunity for everyone to get to know how wonderful "handicrafts" are, we open "Yuzawaya Art School". Besides that, we have sponsored "Yuzawaya Grand Prize Exhibition for Creative Works" every two year by inviting public entries of highly original works from all parts of the world.
Nowadays that is called an age of disposable goods and satiation, Yuzawaya will, with contributing to people's peace of mind and comfort through "hobby crafts" as our company's pleasure, continue to push on toward the number-one company in the world of "handicrafts" and "hobby crafts" in the future. Not to forget humanity at the very moments of an era of high and information technology, we believe that handing down the beauty of "handicrafts" to future generations is our mission.
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