A Message from the CEO

As this year marks our 61st year of business, we at Yuzawaya would like to take this opportunity to pay thanks to our customers and business partners who provide us with their kind patronage.

Starting off as a yarn dealer with only 10 square meters of floor space, Yuzawaya has evolved into a chain of specialized outlets that carry a comprehensive line of handicraft materials. In order to earn the accolade that "if Yuzawaya doesn't have it you're not going to find it anywhere," we have continued to expand the products that we carry, with large retails shops as our base.

Over the past several years, we have been developing downtown retails shops, as well as medium sized and smaller ones, in order to accommodate more customers. This has meant applying the latest know-how and maximum care in creating new shops that do not in any way compromise the extensive selection we have traditionally provided at our large retails shops.

We also maintain a 33,000 square-meter distribution center in Tochigi city that enables us to purchase in bulk from manufacturers in Japan and overseas, which allows us to sell products at the most competitive prices possible. And based on the sales information from stores, products are stocked rapidly enough to avoid missing sales opportunities.

As of January 2016, Yuzawaya has 62 retail outlets and manages six online shops. Yuzawaya will continue to aggressively pursue a policy of expanding on these numbers in order to provide support for the creative activities of handicraft hobbyists across Japan.

Furthermore, we hope to be of help to the popularization of handicraft hobbies through not only the supply of products but also via the "Yuzawaya Art School" (a cultural school specializing in handicart hobbies), the "Yuzawaya Grand Prize Exhibition for Creative Works" (an exhibition of publicly solicited handicraft pieces), and the "Yuzawaya Market" (a site where handicraft works are bought and sold).

Jan. 2016
Yoshio Hatanaka
CEO, Yuzawaya Shoji Co., Ltd